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Rzetelny stomatolog w Radomiu
СообщениеДобавлено: Пн Дек 19, 2016 4:31 pm Ответить с цитатой
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Shortly after Donald Trump earned the 2016 Presidential Political election a fellow think tanker type was so dumbfounded that he mentioned to me; "Lance what everyone is trying to process is how a political campaign depending on lies and hate speech could succeed in the most superior economy in history. inch Of course, such a statement in and of itself shows just how out-of-touch this gentleman really is. You see, the lies and hate talk actually came from the other side constantly calling http://danuta-majewska.pl the right "racists" and all sorts of other derogatory things and lying down to people while their personal emails showed how they really felt and what the left was really up to.

You see, I reiterated this to my acquaintance and stated: I don't think for a minute that Donald Trump's campaign was depending on 'lies and hate speech' somewhat I noted how a left-main-stream media attempted to brand him that way by taking his comments away of context or using endless innuendos and strawman arguments - which only divides our population alongside party lines. The remaining is very great at calling people 'racist' and even on social media platforms We cannot tell you the amount of times I've been called a racist on Facebook comments, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other discussion forums. Within fact, I believe the left called people on the right 'racist' one too many times, which is why everyone obtained out to vote against them.

There isn't anything at all racist about talking about Radical Islam, illegitimate alien crime, building a wall, or putting a left-wing persnickety hater in their place with a taste of their own medicine - truly they have it coming (dish it away, but can't seem to be to take it). The remaining laughed at us, ridiculed us, and has continuously called us names - they continue to, even after this election has recently been won.
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Rzetelny stomatolog w Radomiu
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